Social Marketing โ€“ Web Site Marketing โ€“ Branding โ€“ Attracting Coverage

Attracting targeted individuals is never easy. Let assist you in targeting users, investors, companies, professionals and more.

Below is the marketing options we have to assist you in reaching your goals.

Whether you a company just looking for exposure, a public company looking to reach investors, brokers, analysts and more or a private company looking for a partnership, merger or a buyout. has a few different options that can assist the company in reaching their goals.

    Featured Directory Listing:

  • $99.00 3 months
  • $990.00 12 months

    Banner Marketing:

  • 1 month $799
  • 3 months $1999
  • 6 Months $3499
  • 1 Year $5999

Bigger Marketing Campaigns:

Option 1:

  • Banner marketing
  • Featured directory listing
  • Featured on the home page
  • Have an audio interview for the company completed
  • A PR of the press releases sent out over the major wires
  • Social media programs to over 2 million small cap investors, cannabis user and professionals each time the company issues news.
  • 3 months $7499 or 12 months $24,990

Option 2:

  • All of option 1
  • Includes us sending all news and articles the company puts out to over 300 different marijuana and cannabis writers, bloggers, websites publications and social pages announcing the new Press and assist the company in attracting additional coverage.
  • 3 Months $9,999 or 12 months $33,330