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    Late last year, undercover cops went balls deep to bust kids at 3 Florida high schools by posing as students. The cops acted like would-be teenagers, ditching classes, posting selfies on Facebook and connecting with other students.

    Unfortunately for all concerned, the cops were good at their deception and one 18-year-old honor student named Justin fell in love with the cop who busted him.

    The undercover Po-po informed Justin how much she loved getting high, and begged him to hook her up, Justin relented, even though he didn’t get high himself. He refused the $25 his crush tried to give him, and told her the pot was a gift. When the sting operation came down, police arrested Justin along with 31 other students, and charged him with distribution. If Justin is convicted of the felony sale, he can say good-bye to financial aid and watch his future deteriorate. Talk about a twisted relationship.

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    That is a crazy story!!! I never heard about cops going balls deep before.

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